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Macondo is project based in New Zealand, founded by Emily Rebolledo Ortega and Jonathan Parkins.   

Our vision for Macondo is to support and enable local communities in Colombia by giving them the opportunity to sell their crafts to a global audience.   

After a long stay Colombia which allowed us to get to know such a wonderful place full of art, music, fashion and culture, we have been inspired to showcase some of the handcrafted talents we discovered in Colombia to New Zealand. 

Our jewellery is made entirely by hand in a small town of Colombia called Mompox.   The technique used to craft each piece is known as filigree.

Filigree is a kind of metalwork with which tiny gold or silver threads are woven by hand to form various pieces of jewellery which can take days and even months to make.  The technique arrived in Colombia more than 500 years ago with the Spanish and has been practiced in communities since.  It began to differentiate itself from its European tradition due to the mixture between indigenous knowledge, African techniques and the expertise of the Europeans. 

Every piece of Macondo filigree jewellery is handmade with care from silver.  Although filigree looks very delicate, it is durable.  However,  special care is required to ensure your precious possession retains its beauty for years to come.    Please refer to our product care instructions for our recommendations. 

We hope that you see the beauty we see in these fine pieces of jewellery and will support

our dream of connecting Colombian artisans to the world. 


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